ispcm 2019 Yeo Su



61-13 Odongdoo-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, South Korea Postcode: 59723

By car

Seoul -> Yeosu : 3hours 55minutes from Seoul City Hall
Daejeon -> Yeosu : 2hours 40minutes from Daejun City Hall
Gwangju -> Yeosu : 1hours 20minutes from Gwangjun City Hall
Busan -> Yeosu : 2hours 10minutes from Busan City Hall
Mokpo -> Yeosu : 1hours 30minutes from Mokpo City Hall

By train

From Yongsan : 2hour 50minutes by KTX
From Daejeon : 2 hour 40minutes by ITX
From Jeonju : 1hour 30 minutes by KTX

From Yeosu Expo station to Yeosu Venezia Hotel & Resort
Bus Get on bus No.2 from the station and get off at stop 895 Hanhwa aquarium (1,300 Won, 10 minutes)
Taxi Only two minutes away and the price is 2,800 Won.

By airplane

From Seoul to Yeosu : 55minutes
From Jeju to Yeosu : 45minutes

From Yeosu airport to Yeosu Venezia Hotel & Resort
By bus Get on to No.32, 33 or 35 > Get off at express bus terminal > Get on to No. 333 > Get off at stop 895 Hanhwa aquarium (It takes 60 minutes)
Airport shuttle bus Get on to airport shuttle bus >Get off at Lee Sun Shin Square > Get on to bus No. 2 > Get off at stop 895 Hanhwa aquarium (It takes 40 minutes).
Taxi It takes 18 minutes and the fare could be approx. 17,000 won